Who’s Got Game is an early stage start up positioning itself in the incredibly popular sports and fantasy sports verticals. After entering your favorite teams, WGG will recommend the closest bars playing your games via geo-location. You can then invite friends to watch it with you – either in person or virtually. Either way, WGG will emphasize friendly trash talking and competition the entire time, through in-app games and challenges.

I was brought in to define the UX and create preliminary designs for a functioning alpha.

Use Cases

Beginning with use cases, I outlined key demos, focusing on their motivations and goals with the app. This was used as a launch pad for the UX and to inform the wireframes.

  • Use Cases




I created basic lo-res wireframes in Balsamiq, with the emphasis being placed on the primary path, especially the Venue and Interaction parts of the app. An essential component of the business model is 3rd party sponsorship of games from venues (say, Buffalo Wild Wings) and food companies (Coca Cola).