SPNRS (“Spinners”) is a start up steeped in DJ culture. All partners (myself included) had long careers as DJs in New York’s underground scene. Our goal was to help DJs build their personal brands to turn their hobby into a viable business. A SPNRS DJ marketplace would connect DJs and brands, reinforcing an ecosystem life cycle of User, DJ, and Brand.


I was responsible for shaping the entire UX for all 3 user groups: Users, DJs, and Brands. This includes everything from registration to interactions to commerce.

I wrote a Functional Specification, that included user stories for each user type, data points and points of interaction. Later this would be used to inform sprint stories using Lean Agile methodology.

  • SPNRS Func. Spec.

App Map

Map of app structure, with data connection points.

Style Guide

The dev team was having issues implementing a pixel-perfect design, so I created a style guide to to provide a structure for the GUI.

  • SPNRS Style Guide




  • Functional (product) specification
  • UX graphical + workflow design
  • Project management (Agile/Lean)