Sonotes is a travel-based social media network who’s recommendation engine steps away from traditional travel apps. When searching, or browsing the app, you will only see places that your friends have either checked into, or posted a picture from. Friend-only recommendations cut through the marketing noise and be genuinely trusted.


Sonotes had a less-than bare bones web-based implementation – and a very short window to create a viable MVP. I chose a mobile-first direction, that would establish an app-style of interaction and user behavior. As this was a skin on existing scaffolding, there were limitations on what could be shown: there simply was not enough time to add new functionality.

I had to concept, design and code the front-end templates.


I created a place-centric approach that sought to use the place post itself as the locus of social activity. You will quite literally see your friends in that establishment, and all interaction happens on the place post. I devised a system that uses frequency of visit and social activity volume to inform the order in which places are shown to the user. For example, when searching for “Bar in Vancouver”, I will see the most highly recommended places (most social activity), vs the most recently added places.




• Requirements Definition
• Wireframes (Sketch)
• Design (Sketch)
• Coding (PHP / Javascript / SASS)