Support Online Hip Hop is one of the oldest and most popular hip hop culture news portals. It began as a message board in the 90’s, and has grown into the sprawling news site that exists today. They have several hundred thousand users delivering millions of page views per month.


Changing demographics led to a situation where 85% of their user base is mobile – something the older (desktop) layout was not optimized for. I was tasked with devising a layout and “loop” structure that optimized ad revenue from mobile users.


Working closely with their sales team, I created a system that maximized ad performance by working the system. Frequency, duration, and intensity all effect publisher compensation. Maximizing returns is a balancing act, but if done properly it can be very rewarding.

Simply, the longer some ads are viewed, the larger the payment. Certain form factors compensate more than others. And frequency is also critical – too many on one page, or grouped too closely together, and you encounter a law of diminishing returns. Too few, and the returns are low, despite the higher CPM.

I began by analyzing the server logs to evaluate number of page views, time spent per article, etc. I mapped that against the ideal KPI targets of the sales team to come up with the most effective strategy.