AdFin operates an online platform for in-depth big data analysis of the ad network marketplace. Over 20 billion ads are shown every day in the USA alone – AdFin provides actionable business intelligence for publishers, exchanges, buyers and sellers.


To create a “Bloomberg Terminal” for ad networks. KPI is arbitrary in ad ops, so we had to design as much flexibility and nuance in the system to accommodate every type of player in the online ad space.

I was part of a 3-person team that defined, designed and coded the dashboard.


Unlike Bloomberg Terminals, web apps are limited to one screen. To create useful intelligence, we strove to have at least 3 axes of data per chart, starting with a bird’s eye heuristic view, with more detail surfacing by clicking through.

We also white-labeled the system for specific publishers and exchanges.

Requirements Definition

  • Campaign Tracker Func. Spec.
  • Campaign Tracker Proposed Features


Created from the production definition (AdFin is a Balsamiq shop)



  • Requirements Definition
  • Wireframes (Balsamiq)
  • Designs (Photoshop/Illustrator)
  • Coding (D3.js and plain ol’ JavaScript)